BLOG – Don’t be bitter … BE BETTER – 6/4/12

I’m sure we are all now aware of Samantha Brick.  Her article published in the Daily Fail this week has caused a tidal wave of reaction across the country so much so that her name has consistently been in the top trends on social networking sites since Tuesday.

In short her article insinuates that if a woman dislikes her she attributes it to said woman being intimidated by Samantha’s good looks.  It is littered with personal self praise showering us with how aesthetically pleasing to the eye Miss Brick believes she is.  In Miss Brick’s eyes women do not like attractive women and feel threatened by them.  She speaks of personal experiences where fellow females have avoided her in public and bullied her because of her beauty.

I (even though I’m a man) always judge people on the content of their character rather than how blonde their hair extensions are and ALL the company I keep whether they are male or female do the same.  Of course, I like attractive people.  I don’t like arrogant small minded bell ends.  Maybe some of the people Samantha Brick has recently come into contact with share the same view as me.

On a recent advertisement film shoot I came across a young girl working as a runner but with ambitions of one day directing film.  Interested by how she goes about pursuing this dream I asked various questions.  To nearly all of them she insinuated the challenge of achieving is more difficult for her because she is female.  In a diplomatic way, I did my best to tell her she was talking bollocks but she was adamant.

This week at the Student Radio Conference I watched an experienced female radio presenter and talent agent, Jo Good, tell an audience of wannabe radio personalities that when listening to radio demo’s she forgives the inadequacies of female presenters as they’re not as good as their male counterparts.  I could not believe my ears.  What a message to send out to the next generation of broadcasting superstars.  Thankfully not everyone shares this opinion and later that same evening a student called Jodie Bryant (yes that’s right … A GIRL) shone head and shoulders above an auditorium of mainly cock and balls who put forward their own demo’s to be judged by industry professionals.

Sex, race, weight, how big your tits are, (unless you’re a page 3 girl) play no part in whether you’re successful in your chosen career.  If you think it does, it is YOU that has the problem. 

The views expressed above by Miss’s Brick, Goode and ‘the runner’ have come (in my opinion) through their own experiences of failure. 

The runner lost out on a film job to a bloke and rather than see that he was better than her decided to think ‘oh it’s because he has a penis’.  Samantha Brick states in her article that she has lost out on various job opportunities with female bosses interviewing her because they ‘see her beauty as a threat’.  Maybe it’s because you were just a bit shit?  I don’t know enough about Jo Good to comment and maybe because I don’t know enough about her is the reason she said what she said.  I couldn’t tell you what radio station she is on.  I have no idea what she’s doing in her career.  I know she used to be on MTV, I think!

Excellence always sells irrelevant of who is selling it.

Don’t be bitter, be better!

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