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After working at the Olympic Games in 2012 I made a decision to build a portfolio in sports broadcasting with a plan to eventually move away from music radio.

With my wife falling pregnant at the end of 2012, personal priorities put my professional plans on hold. With my family in a more secure position, I began pursuing sports broadcasting opportunities at the end of 2014.

I began hosting ‘Game On’ for the Bauer City 2 network in January this year which was closely followed by a call from TalkSPORT. Since February I have been a regular on the national network leading to being asked to host Saturday morning ‘Extra Time’ every week since May.

At the end of June, Bauer Media asked if I would be interested in presenting a daily talk radio show revolving around sport to an audience in Liverpool.

“Talking football with one of the most passionate cities in the world?”

When do I start?!

This of course means I will no longer be hosting my weekly music radio show on Key 103 Manchester and brings to a close, for the foreseeable future, 10 years of music radio broadcasting for me. I am incredibly proud of all the things I have achieved in those 10 years but it is now time to head in a new direction for some exciting fresh challenges.

The newest of those challenges is City Talk Liverpool from Monday August 3rd and I honestly can’t wait. To now be broadcasting in my 3rd ‘big city’ that Bauer Media holds residence, is a huge honour.

I will continue to host my weekly show on TalkSPORT and more work with them is scheduled for the beginning of the new football season.

If you listened to my show on Key103 Manchester, thank you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.


32 comments: On Leaving Key103

  • good luck adam, key 103 in the afternoon was the only show I listened to……luckily talk sport the rest of the day, whats the frequency for city talk?

    again, best of luck

  • Goodbye and good luck for the future Adam, will miss Punny Business even though am hopeless at it, keep us posted on Facebook and your website what you (and Teddy) are up to.

    You will be missed mate

  • Absolutely gutted you are leaving Key 103, it won’t be the same without you.
    I hope your new job is all that your looking for and I wish you loads of luck for the future x

  • Noo. You was possibly the best radio show I’ve listened to for a long time!!! What’s gonna happen wi’ Tatum ???

  • Good Luck, Adam!!

    Me and my husband and children love your afternoon drive time show on Key103 and you will be irreplaceable!! And missed!!

    But absolutely best of luck for your future and give them scousers some grief haha!!

    All the best to you and your family,

    From the Pullan family in Bury 🙂

  • Absolutely gutted you’re leaving key103! Your show was my favourite, I won’t enjoy my drive home quite as much any more! Good luck for the future xx

  • Good luck Adam, always the right thing to do prioritising your family but never forget your dreams. great to meet you this year and hope all goes well, Steven,Sarah and seb

  • Congrats on getting a dream job. Key 103 won’t be the same without you but we wish you the best of luck in the future.
    Debs and Jess from Warrington

  • Sorry you’ve left key 103 – thought you were great and will miss listening to you on way home from work. What’s happened to Tatum? Good luck in your new job

  • Thought you were on holiday – devastated! Good luck. X

  • Gutted u have left key 103 Adam, always a pleasure to listen to. Good luck 🙂

  • I know people have to move on but radio is such a big part of our lives we let you into our homes everyday so when someone leaves they are missed big time which you already are but good luck in all you do it was a brilliant show.

  • Gutted

  • Loved listening and laughing with you over the past two years. Already I’m bored and have lost interest in listening to your successor. I’m very sad to see you go but would like to wish you all the very best for the future. I’m sure you wil go far in your chosen career Adam

  • Wondered where you had gone am gutted you are not on the radio for my hour’s drive home each night, it is definitely not the same and to be honest I now don’t listen to Key103 for that hour and also assume Tatum has left at the same time, very sad news but wish you luck in your new venture 🙂

  • Gutted, You brightened the afternoons

  • Adam, gutted you are no longer on the drive home on Key103 you made me laff. Good Luck in your new venture, not sure about the scouse thing going on though….

  • We just thought you were on an extended holiday and have just found out you are not coming back to the Home Run. We have listened to you on Key 103 since you did the lunchtime show & my husband Malcolm used to enjoy attempting your banger in mash slot. We continued to listen to you on the Home Run show and have really enjoyed your wit and humour each day. We are really going to miss you and your accent! Wishing you all the very best as you step in a new direction.

  • Gutted, by far the best show on key 103 really going to miss you when I’m driving home from work. Good luck on your new show x

  • Gutted Adam, but good luck in all you do, my drive home is not the same without you xxx

  • You were up there with the best dj’s i’ve heard on radio. Keep up the good work. Just not the same now on key 103.

  • Hi Adam. I thought you were on a long summer break but have now found out you have left! I am gutted – you were so funny and made me laugh every night whilst cooking the tea! Key 103 have lost a treasure in letting you go – they should have made it worth your while to stay! I now listen to a rival station at teatime as I am not keen on your replacement. Good luck in your future career and we all miss you.

  • Im so gutted you have left. You to love listening to your show on my drive home. Just thought you were on a long holiday! Your successor bores me to death so now listen to a rival station on my home.all the best.

  • As a fellow Lancashire lad working in Manchester I am now again the only person to speak properly you was the other. I’m gutted I have to listen to these mancs n drive home without the humour that was brilliant after an hard days work. I don’t listen to talk sport I’m a fellow rovers fan why would I these days lol. Good luck

  • Gutted you’ve left mate, always put a smile on my face listening to your show.

    All the best with family life and future projects

  • Been away for a couple of months and only just noticed your not on key103 anymore. A sad loss you where a great presenter

  • Been wondering where you had gone you are greatly missed at drive home time didn’t mind traffic whilst listening to you I now feel every minute of journey. Hope you are enjoying your new job sounds perfect & being a Liverpool fan can understand your move good luck in all you do x

  • Hope you are enjoying your new venture. I certainly have missed you on key103. I do enjoy the new presenter but i wish it is you on my drive home nightly cos in my crazy head i enjoy our banter

  • Tea time driving just isn’t the same anymore. I know things have to change but it’s not always for the better, so miss your show but wish you all the luck with your future career.

  • Ah Adam I am another gutted fan of yours! I have been so confused as to where you were and now I know why! I miss your show so much! When I felt down you would always cheer me up! Wishing you loads of luck though for your future x

  • So gutted you’ve left key 103 driving will never be tge same again you made me laugh so much .

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Former Gatecrasher resident DJ Adam Catterall began his radio career in 2005 at Lancashire’s Rock FM. After a highly successful 18 months on 2 different time slots Adam was appointed the stations new breakfast presenter – a position which he kept for 3 and a half years. In this time he won several awards including an Arqiva for Commercial Radio Presenter of the Year and a nomination by the Radio Academy for Radio Personality of the Year in 2008.

In 2010 Adam decided not to renew his contract with Rock FM in order to chase his dream of presenting on BBC Radio 1. That dream was realised in April 2011 when Adam became a regular fixture on the network.

After a successful summer in 2012 presenting at the London Olympic Games Adam decided the time was right to pursue another dream presenting sport and accept the chance to cover Rock and Roll football on Absolute radio with Ian Wright.

Stepping back in to commercial radio caused interest from many radio stations but the offer from Key 103 Manchester was just to tempting to ignore. Adam re-signed for Bauer in January 2013 and after an incredibly successful individual Rajar year for him he quickly moved to their drive show.

TalkSPORT were soon to knock on the door and in February 2015 Adam began to present his weekly ‘Extra Time’ show. Bauer media also wanted to utilise his talent in sports broadcasting and offered the chance to leave Key103 Manchester for Radio City Talk Drive, a daily sports show for Liverpool.

His northern charm is highly engaging and very entertaining. His voice is synonymous with a range of well-known TV brands such as the infamous Foxy Bingo TV advertisement campaigns.

Adam also became the face of the National Lottery Scratchcard TV advertisment campaign in March 2012.

His previous voice work includes ITV2, ITV4, UKTV Home, SKY 1 and Sky 2.