The ratio

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Your success will not come down to how good you are at something.  It will be defined by how badly you want to be successful.  What lengths you are willing to go to.

How you think, what you focus on, and how you live each moment.

Luck plays no part in becoming successful so stop looking for it.  Every winner has failed multiple times.  The difference is that the winner accepts defeat, they own it.  They never blame, they never make an excuse.  They analyse where personal improvement is needed and has another go.  They continue this process until they win.

There isn’t a finish line or time frame.

Money is a consequence of winning, not winning itself.  If your sole purpose is to get rich, you never will be.  Winners work to make a difference.  Pride, self worth, achievement.  Love.  They want to build something.  Become the best at the thing you love and the money will follow.  Aim to get paid for your results not for your time.

Winners know the ratio is 10% skill, 90% will.

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Former Gatecrasher resident DJ Adam Catterall began his radio career in 2005 at Lancashire’s Rock FM. After a highly successful 18 months on 2 different time slots Adam was appointed the stations new breakfast presenter – a position which he kept for 3 and a half years. In this time he won several awards including an Arqiva for Commercial Radio Presenter of the Year and a nomination by the Radio Academy for Radio Personality of the Year in 2008.

In 2010 Adam decided not to renew his contract with Rock FM in order to chase his dream of presenting on BBC Radio 1. That dream was realised in April 2011 when Adam became a regular fixture on the network.

After a successful summer in 2012 presenting at the London Olympic Games Adam decided the time was right to pursue another dream presenting sport and accept the chance to cover Rock and Roll football on Absolute radio with Ian Wright.

Stepping back in to commercial radio caused interest from many radio stations but the offer from Key 103 Manchester was just to tempting to ignore. Adam re-signed for Bauer in January 2013 and after an incredibly successful individual Rajar year for him he quickly moved to their drive show.

TalkSPORT were soon to knock on the door and in February 2015 Adam began to present his weekly ‘Extra Time’ show. Bauer media also wanted to utilise his talent in sports broadcasting and offered the chance to leave Key103 Manchester for Radio City Talk Drive, a daily sports show for Liverpool.

His northern charm is highly engaging and very entertaining. His voice is synonymous with a range of well-known TV brands such as the infamous Foxy Bingo TV advertisement campaigns.

Adam also became the face of the National Lottery Scratchcard TV advertisment campaign in March 2012.

His previous voice work includes ITV2, ITV4, UKTV Home, SKY 1 and Sky 2.